Yuko Takeuchi files divorce from Shidou Nakamura

Japan actress Yuko Takeuchi has filed for divorce from fellow actor Shidou Nakamura after just 16 months of marriage.

Yuko Takeuchi and Shidou Nakamura

The couple met in movie Be With You and shocked their Japan fans with their marriage in June 2005. Yuko was already pregnant back then and gave birth to a baby boy later on.

There have been rumors about their breaking up since a couple of months after their marriage. Shidou has been busy with his acting career, and was constantly linked with other actresses; but the couple appeared to be bond together, with all the news treated as rumors.

The trigger of the divorce was in August 2006, when Shidou was caught driving under alcohol influence; and in his car sat her ex-girlfriend Aya Okamoto. The press was speculating about the end of Yuko-Shidou’s marriage since then and in the end it turns fact.

It’s reported that Shidou, who is filming in Shanghai, is not ready to accept the divorce yet; but Yuko seems determined.

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